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Patient Estimates


Note the following about the cost estimate for all described care. The Estimate: 1. Covers only for hospital services received at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, professional fees for physician services are not included. You should contact your physician for an estimate of professional fees. 2. Is based on a simulated claim for the procedure or service because final billed charges may change to reflect a change in the actual services received, the condition of the patient, final diagnosis, recommended treatment and other unknown circumstances. 3. Depends on the information you and your insurance plan provide to us about any applicable benefits to be complete and accurate. If you have insurance, please contact your health plan to confirm your share of the Hospital charges. If you do not have insurance or do not intend to use your coverage, note that your final bill may include a fee paid to New York State ("HCRA Surcharge") which is about 10% of the final charges.

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